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Posted:10-04-2016 14:21 MT
Name:Malcolm         (Edit My Entry)
From:Newbridge, Isle of Wight, -- - U.K
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Comment:Barbara - great website.
I am helping a cousin with his tree. his grandmother was Sarah Emily Alice Isaac, daughter of William G Isaac and Ann Hort. As well as sister Caroline Ann (bapt 10 Oct 1883 St Paul's Bristol) she also had two brothers William John Isaac (Bapt 6 Aug 1879 Temple, Bristol)and George Thomas (bapt 7Dec1887 St Andrew's-Montpelier, Bristol). Have more info if you need it. Best Wishes, Malcolm

Posted:06-22-2015 11:38 MT
Name:John Arby Hort Jr         (Edit My Entry)
From:Bisbee, AZ - U.S.A.
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Comment:Henry Hort born in Lympsham England in 1846 moved to Oswego NY in around 1870. Census in 1851 Lympsham will give family at that time.

Posted:02-26-2015 06:27 MT
Name:Lisa Britton         (Edit My Entry)
From:Yate, Bristol, -- - U.K
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Comment:Hi Barbara, we've been in touch before via rootsweb, re Ragged Castle. Apparently it's been stabilised but they've decided to leave it as a "romantic ruin". I found some pictures on the web, a lot of trees were cleared from around, and there's a picture of the inside. Hope everything is good with you, best wishes, Lisa

Posted:01-27-2015 03:00 MT
Name:Barbara         (Edit My Entry)
From:Casino, -- - Australia
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Comment:testing by Barbara after computer crash

Posted:09-24-2014 06:50 MT
Name:Bern B         (Edit My Entry)
From:Hobart, -- - Australia
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Comment:My great grandmother, Leah Black was the sister of Rachel Black wife of Henry Maker. Good to be able to see some information on the family who also predominantly lived in Emerald Hill(Sth Melbourne).

Posted:09-11-2014 19:40 MT
Name:loreen gorrie         (Edit My Entry)
From:Wynyard, -- - Australia
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Comment:Hi, I would like to find out a bit more about your thomas gorrie who married jane stothard. I have John gorrie as his father, john married a helen hunt who passed away round 1810 he then married jane simme who I have as thomas's mother . With the info i have this lines up, any help would be appreciated

Posted: 03-02-2014 16:31 MT
Name:Nas Brooks         (Edit My Entry)
From:london, -- - U.K
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Comment:wow it was a real honor to read about my family history
an to find out some of my family history

My grandmother is Doreen Barnes daughter of Maggie REID . and i can give u all her family information. if needed .

Posted:09-08-2013 04:07 MT
Name:George Hornby         (Edit My Entry)
From:Medway, -- - U.K
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Comment:Hello Barbara, Thank you for this family tree: well researched and beautifully presented. My great great grandparents (George and Elizabeth Davis) lived at Ragged Castle for many years early in the twentieth century. Almost all their family worked on the Badminton estate. She was a descendant of a Mary Bayley alias Fletcher who married at Hawkesbury in 1720 a Joseph Cooper. I wonder if she was related to your ancestor Sarah Bayley. Regards George

Posted:03-27-2013 22:02 MT
Name:Terry         (Edit My Entry)
From:Etobicoke, Ontario - Canada

Posted: 06-23-2012 10:06 MT
Name:Susan         (Edit My Entry)
From:Randolph, NJ - U.S.A.
Comment:In searching my Lynch family line I landed here. Lovely site. And thanks for emailing back so quick. Sue

Posted: 02-02-2012 09:07 MT
Name:Markus         (Edit My Entry)
From:Sweden, -- - Sweden
Very nice page. Actually I ended up here by chance as my family's last name is Hante. Too bad you did not have anything else on that 19 year old girl...
Keep up the good work! :-)

Posted: 01-18-2012 02:10 MT
Name:Alvie Bergin         (Edit My Entry)
From:Perth, -- - Australia
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Comment:Hello Barabara,
Many thanks for the opportunity to visit your family tree,it's a credit to you.
Having grown up in Healesville I know the Hort family. I can help you with a few dates.
Phylis Hort ( a very dear fried) who married Stan Richards passed away on the 4 Nov 2004 and her sister Sadie (Hort) Green passed away on the 10 Jan 2010 and they are both buried in the Healesville Cemetery

You have left a wonderful gift for your family
kind regards Alvie

Posted: 09-21-2011 17:46 MT
Name:Carol         (Edit My Entry)
From:Toronto, Ontario - Canada
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Comment:I am looking for Dunlop family related to Alexander Dunlop who had two sons Alexander and David Dunlop born 1895 in Scotland. I think their mother's name was Sarah Chambers. She died shortly after David was born. Would love to communicate with anyone from that line of Dunlops. Thanks.

Posted:02-05-2011 03:43 MT
Name:suzanne         (Edit My Entry)
From:mildura vic , -- - Australia
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Comment:I am looking for a James Barton Milligan,and when I saw your Mary Jane I thought there might be a connection and also saw there is a James Barton as a witness of her marraige,not sure if I am on the right track.

regards Suzanne

Posted:08-25-2010 00:36 MT
Name:Jason Hort         (Edit My Entry)
From:Bassingbourn, -- - U.K
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I've traced a direct Hort line to the Badminton Estate & have done lots of work on my ancestry. I am desperate for a copy of Barbara's book if anyone can help me? Barbara - I have e-mailed you directly on address on this website to see if you can help. Is anyone else aware of Fenton John Anthony Hort's achievements (& heritage) & his work at Cambridge University (10 miles from me). He shows at Badminton on a census. He's detailed on Wikipedia as Irish? What about the Hortlands in Ireland his desecdants were linked with, & their titles. All stuff I want to know more about?

Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

Jason Hort.

Posted: 08-04-2010 18:26 MT
Name:Noelle         (Edit My Entry)
From:Lower Plenty, Vic, -- - Australia
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Comment:A lot of work, Barbara. I'm a great grand daughter of Frederick and Maria, grand daughter of Ruby Harvey (nee Hansen).

Fascinating stuff, this family tree business. I'm now busy checking your information against what I have gathered.


Posted:07-13-2010 18:55 MT
Name:Laurie Richards         (Edit My Entry)
From:Melbourne, -- - Australia
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Url: http://
Comment:4th generation Hansen, grandson of Thomas Talbot. By coincidence friend of family of late Robert BARRY Bruton of Little Hampton Vic. Still keep in touch with Doss and his kids, Paul and Lynne and their families. We always 'knew' we were family. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction....and be careful what you say about people and to whom, you never know!

Posted:06-04-2010 06:34 MT
Name:Teresa Hort         (Edit My Entry)
From:Perth WA, -- - Australia
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Comment:Hi Barb
My maiden name was Corker not Croker.
I am married to Donald Hort son of Eric Hort grandson of Samuel Thomas Hort.
Thank you for all the effort you have put into this genealogy.
Would you please change the entry to Corker
Many thanks
Teresa Hort

Posted:05-01-2010 06:42 MT
Name:Sergei         (Edit My Entry)
From:Miami, FL - U.S.A.
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Comment:My connection is with Maurice Green and Gladys Salkilld and their daughters. A distant relative Percy McNaughton Robinson, 1865-1953, was married 16 Sept 1916 in WA to Fanny Vida Salkilld, 1875-1959, who was an older sister of Gladys.

Percy McNaughton Robinson was one of the 10 children of William Valentine Robinson b. 1837 Leeds ENG d. 1908 VIC and Mary McNaughton b. 1831 Edinburgh d. 1922 VIC, who lived in Melbourne VIC. They m. Oct 1861 in the UK prior to coming to VIC where he worked for The Argus and The Hansard before becoming the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly VIC.

Thank you for all your information.

Posted: 03-24-2010 00:15 MT
Name:vicki         (Edit My Entry)
From:Parkdale, -- - Australia
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Comment:Great site. My Aunt Bessie Bruton and Uncle Fred Drummond are listed here. Bessie will be delighted to learn of this site. Thanks, Vicki.

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