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Privacy Statement - Our Pledge to You

We at BestGuestBooks.Com respect your privacy and pledge;

  • To never give away, sell, or otherwise divulge your email address or any other personal information entrusted to us. It is not even revealed to the people this guest book belongs to.

  • To never use your personal information for our own benefit as in email advertising of our own other than a possible tag line in your guest book entry email notification.

  • To never use your personal information in connection with any of our other enterprises, on or off the net.

  • To keep your private information, including your email address in a non-public directory that is unavailable to search engines or net spyders.

  • To use blind email forms as a contact method from all "Email" links in all guest books.

  • To avoid using email addresses in static guest book pages which invite junk email spyders and result in emails being added to junk mail lists.

  • To show this same respect to the personal information of our guests and guest book ownersl.

  • To keep this pledge in force for the lifetime of BestGuestBooks.Com.

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